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Margot Bullmann

Circus Artist


Constance Dansart

Circus artist

She likes to swing around in the air, sing in the shower, talk, drink coffee, laugh, walk around the city, talk again.

She doesn’t like to hurry, the things she forgets, getting up early, washing the cutlery, the wheel slamming on the floor, cold showers.


She’s funny, caring, talkative, practical, energetic,

New project !
Creation with Constance Dansart

Invented place where we play a role, where we have the freedom to switch skin. We have fun imitating the other, taking his place and leaving ours. A game of the natural and the imaginary.

Rocked by the wheel, these two bodies carry eachothers and merged, look alike and fit together as much as they differ. 

The reflection of an authentic relationship begins ; it's the discovery of what unites us today through the relationship of one body to another.




Margot Bullmann is a young circus artist born with an urge to travel. From a small town in Alsace on the Franco-German border, she discovers circus by attending a theater class at the age of 12. Naturally, having this urge, she decides to move across France three years later. The reason being to study at “L’Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Châtellerault” (ENNC) for their program “Bac option Cirque” as a hand to hand specialist. 

Having obtained her baccalaureate at 18, she flies off to Quebec city where she joins the professional training in Circus Arts at “L’Ecole de Cirque de Québec” (ECQ). Half way across the world she learns and discovers Cyr wheel, and together they graduated in June 2021.

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